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Putting Your Emotions Aside
The 3 D's of Selling - De-Personalize, De-Odorize & De-Clutter
Don't Just Show It -- Show It Off!
Create that Positive and Powerful First Impression
Create that Positive and Powerful First Impression - Part 2
We Have Gotten A Buyer To Come Take A Closer Look - Now What?
Create that Positive and Powerful First Impression
Some Cause and Effects of different pricing theories
What you should know about Real Estate Commissions.
Explore the options. Is FSBO for you?
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Selling your home is, most likely, the largest personal transaction you will make in your lifetime.
            Unless maybe you are moving up to your dream home

One Thing Is Sure; You Want It To Go Smoothly.

Preparing To Sell Your Home

In this section of the web site I cover a variety of topics that will guide you through many of the challenges you will encounter with the sale of your home. I present the topics in the order you will most likely encounter them. You may select an individual topic or starting point from the Seller Information subject links on the left of the page, or begin here and step through each of the topics in the order presented. I hope you find the information helpful.

You will be faced with many decisions as you attempt to sell your property. Remember, each decision is a business decision and must be based on sound information and reasoning - not on emotion, hearsay or the opinions of others. Verify the information you receive and give each decision the thought it desires.

Having a knowledgeable Realtor, who is dedicated to your best interest and able to guide you through the process, is worth more money than you will pay him or her. A good Realtor can help advert potential problems and deal breakers. Your first business decision should be to find that dedicated Realtor. Keep in mind, there are also agents out there who can can create problems and escalate deal breakers. Choose wisely; ask a lot of questions.

.I Offer You a Guideline:

The link below will take you to a formatted page where you can view a summary of my 21-Point service. You are welcome to print it and use it to interview and compare the offerings of other agents. Personally, I believe the summary would serve better as a reference sheet when you, a friend or family member begin to think about selling a property. Click on the link below to see and/or print my 21-Point service.

An Unbeatable 21 Point Service


 Begin the Seller's Tour:

The tour of Information for Seller begins with tips on how to think logically. To begin the Click Here.


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