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Buying a home takes some preparation whether you are a first time home buyer or not. Some people begin years ahead of time by establishing and safeguarding their credit, and earnestly saving money for the down-payment and closing costs. There is no such thing as starting too early and there is no denying that people that take the above actions will have an advantage when they are ready to purchase a home.

However, regardless of your level of preparation, when you seriously want to purchase a home, there is a free service that can lead you through the home buying process. The service will help you analyze your financial situation and either help you find a home that is right for you or chart a course that can have you ready for a purchase in the near future. That free service is a Realtor, or at least, this Realtor - (I cannot speak for everyone.)

Let me emphasize that "Free" applies only to the services of the Realtor and does not apply to charges or fees of anyone else such as banks, mortgage companies, title companies, inspectors, appraisers, etc., etc. And yes, there are conditions when a home buyer could become responsible for all or a portion of the Realtor's commission. Those conditions are not ordinary and are identified when I meet with prospective buyers so that everyone knows and understands the process. A buyer should not have to pay a Realtor's fee unless they knowingly make an election to do so.

The best thing to do when planning to buy a home is contact me. (I do confess, my statement is somewhat biased - but with good reason.)


Preparing To Sell Your Home

The amount of preparation needed to sell a home is dependent on two factors: the current condition of the property and the condition the property must be in when the property transfers to the new owner. When the latter condition is achieved, the sale of a property can begin. Why so much emphasis on condition? Consider the following:

Comparable properties in the same community can vary significantly in selling price. I personally have seen prices vary by 23% off (above and below) the median price: that’s a total spread of 46%. Where would your home fit into that price range?

Property prices are NOT determined by:

  • what a friend told you he sold his property for.
  • what any another property actually sold for.
  • a simple calculation (Cost x Growth Rate x Time).
  • throwing darts at a dartboard.

Using any of the above methods can result in the property not selling because it is overpriced or even worse, the property selling very quickly because the property was under priced.

Property prices (within a given community) vary based on:

  • How well the property is maintained.
  • Improvements and features added to the property.
  • The quality of those improvements and features.
  • The perception that the property projects to prospective buyers.
  • The number of buyers aware of and competing for the property.
  • The effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

    My client's appreciate my approach as a Home Sales Consultant. I offer to evaluate the seller's property and suggest low cost projects that the seller can perform to fix-up and increase the value of their property before placing it on the market. There is no rush; I list no home before it is prime. As the property nears market readiness, I use my data analysis skills and understanding to review appropriate market activity that helps me guide my sellers to an accurate price range to their home. Lastly, we incorporate a marketing campaign that provides maximum exposure and often generates multiple offers. Part of the exposure is the optional service to post a comprehensive photo shoot and documentation of the property on this web site as a Featured Property. I believe that is why so many people are saying:



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